Why bother about someone else’s business?  If you want to build, build.

National Post | News

A plan by Canadian cable mogul David Graham to dig a sprawling underground lair beneath his U.K. mansion is prompting the residents of one of London’s most posh neighbourhoods to decry the project as overly-extravagant.

“These plans are absolutely monstrous and unnecessary … no one needs that much space,” the Duchess of St Albans, a neighbour, told the London Evening Standard.

In mid-October, Mr. Graham’s contractors went before officials at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and presented the blueprints for a gargantuan underground addition descending four storeys into the ground.

Carefully hidden beneath Mr. Graham’s 19th-century home and its manicured rear garden, the addition would include servants’ quarters, wine cellars, a ballroom and a 14-by-8 metre swimming pool.

As for parking, Mr. Graham would simply pull onto a car elevator adjacent to the home’s front door and descend 15 metres into a subterranean three-car garage.

By tripling…

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