Toronto police horse dies after being injured on the job

Aww.. poor horses.

National Post | News

The Mounted Unit of the Toronto Police Service is mourning the death of one of its horses, who died while on the job early Sunday morning. Royal Sun, aged 16, was on patrol in the Entertainment District, when a torn ligament in his hind led to a severe leg fracture. Despite the quick response of officers and veterinary staff, the horse had to be put down due to the injury.

“It’s a tough loss for the Mounted Unit,” said Staff-Insp. William Wardle in a police news release. “We look at the horses as members of our unit and it is our responsibility to care for them, so it’s difficult to lose them.”

Royal Sun, a veteran of 12 years of service, was used extensively, said Staff-Insp. Wardle.

“He was a big strong horse,” said Const. Patrick Penney. “He had a massive chest on him and a huge, muscular neck —…

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