‘Please, never forget’: Toronto Holocaust survivor recalls ‘miracles’ and twists of fate that saved her in Auschwitz

This woman came to my school. Awesome speaker. Awful story.

National Post | News

Joshua, a Grade 8 student at Danilack Middle School, is dressed in baggy blue track pants and a baggy white-t-shirt. He is fidgeting. He is not nervous, or doesn’t appear to be. But he has a story he wants to share with Sally Rosen, after Sally Rosen had finished sharing hers with him.

Joshua’s Zadie, or was it his Bubby, survived the Holocaust, just like Ms. Rosen did. On the way to Auschwitz they fell deathly ill and were thrown off the train so that the other unwitting concentration-camp-bound passengers wouldn’t contract whatever it was they had. They were left for dead. And yet, somehow, they lived.

“It’s a miracle,” Ms. Rosen, an 82-year-old with dyed-blond hair — which used to be red — and big, attentive eyes, tells the boy during a Holocaust Education Week visit this week. “It is very interesting to me that you are interested in…

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